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How To Earn Money Using Online Website Builders

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Because website builders are mainly advertised as easy-to-use web building tools, you could be forgiven for thinking they’re intended for newbies only. Though they’re developed with the needs of the non-tech-savvy users in mind, they have many secret weapons which can be used at their finest only by professionals. If used wisely, they can even help you get stable income. Below I’m going to show how you can make money online with the help of popular website builders.


Firstly, you can earn by participating in one of their official contests :). They often hold various contests where you can win such valuable gifts as the iPads (Air, Mini), the iPods and other cool gadgets. At the moment you can take part in their official Contest for Best uID.me profiles (applications are accepted till January 17, 2014). All you need is to create a free web profile using their freshly launched one-page profile builder uID.me and submit your work.

Secondly, you can opt for their permanent offers for designers/developers, one of which is becoming a designer at the official Templates Store. As a templates contributor at uCoz you will get a commission each time when someone picks your design. You will find details about the program on their official Templates Store.


IMCreator website builder can also be an excellent solution for many web designers who are serious in their intentions. This platform helps designers establish a solid revenue stream using IMCreator’s White Label Solution. You can use this technology to launch your own web design agency or to kick-off your own web builder enabling your customers to create and manage their own websites independently. The website builder will perfectly match your brand’s identity. To learn more about the offer please go their Pro Section.


If you’re a busy web designer, you’re bound to check out MotoCMS. This multi-faceted website builder can help you increase your per-website profit thanks to their exclusive offer for developers: the more templates you buy, the cheaper they cost. It’s important to note that all their templates are 80% ready websites! They already include an easy-to-use CMS, a set of widgets and even a Mobile Editor. All you need is to upload your client’s images, personalize the design and go live.


There are several reasons to add Webydo to your web design toolkit. First, because it’s completely code-free: their DMS (Design Management System) is based on a revolutionary code generator that seamlessly handles all the technicalities leaving you full freedom of web design. Second, because there’s a smart Dashboard allowing you to manage several web design projects at the same time as well as to add multiple contributors (Content Managers and Designers). Third, you can fully re-brand the system by placing your logotypes instead of the default ones. Thus, your clients and collaborators will see your logo when entering the CMS.


Whether you’re building a website for yourself, your clients or you’re looking to expand your business to new areas, top website builders will help you accomplish this task with minimum investment of time, effort and money.

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