Hyperlocal SEO Services

What is SEO?

Also known as Search Engine Optimization, it is the procedure or strategy of increasing your visibility, awareness and promoting your products/services naturally on search engines using keywords.

SEO is factored into 2 main parts Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO, both are applied in order to help in the increase of your rankings on search engines. It starts off with a keyword research, and that research is based on your industry. Once a list of keywords is ready, the optimization begins.

What are the benefits of ranking ?

Everyone uses search engines at least once a day, when you conduct your search it is always a keyword or keyword phrase. Whether you are looking for a barber or an insurance company, you will most likely click on the top 3 organic (non-paid) results. 32.5% of consumers searching on Google click on the first result, meaning if 1 keyword generates 1000 searches a month = 320 visitors to your website ! The question is do you get that many people to your office in a month ?

Why SEO your website?

  • Increase Brand Awarness
  • Increase Leads/Sales, Have them come to you and not the other way around !
  • Real-Time ROI Tracking
  • Local Optimization – Let your community find you with ease.
  • Increase Your Website Value, the more traffic you get the more valuable it becomes !
  • This is a general overview of what SEO is and how it can Benefit you, and if you are looking at his page and reading this right now, It’s because Google sent you here.

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