What Creatives Should Look For In An Online Marketing Plan

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One of the most important things any artist, designer, musician or person in a creative field can have on their side when creating a marketing campaign is time.

A thing a lot of people are surprised about when they come to create a marketing plan with a finished product is that marketing takes time and isn’t a sudden happening. Whether it’s an online presence or a press release distribution, preparation is a very important factor. Of course, there are other areas and parts that need to be addressed too and we’re going to look at them now and help you to see what needs to be done.

Don’t Fear Marketing

One of the areas a lot of people in creative areas fall down is that they fear a marketing plan, or even see it as unnecessary, believing that talent will take them through to success. In some cases it will, however chances are greatly increased with a good marketing plan.

Marketing plans help you to focus, create an end goal through steps and provide a roadmap towards success. It doesn’t have to be long or complex, but it should outline your product, pricing, distribution and the promotion methods involved in marketing your paintings, ceramics, illustrations, furniture or whatever else you create. These four areas are the very basis of a marketing plan and central to success at the most fundamental level.

  • Product – Of course, the product is your creation – this showcases your style, look, specific feel – in marketing terms it’s your brand.
  • Pricing – Your creation is a product and like every product, it needs pricing.
  • Distribution – these can be offline places such as galleries or retail or in the case of this piece online distribution
  • Promotion – Where will your art be promoted – in this case online. We will look at how to create an online marketing plan for your art.

The Online Marketing Plan

The creation of an online marketing plan is a necessity for those hoping to succeed and the best way to start it is to look at others in your business. Take account of the past and also the ongoing marketing strategies they use – this gives you an idea of what will work.

As a business involved in a niche area, it’s best to centre your strategy on the demographic of customer you expect to take interest in your product. You can then focus your online strategy on this consumer demographic.

Success can be determined by looking at the marketing strategies of the top competitors. A good online marketing strategy will show you how many followers they have on Facebook, how many shares their blog posts get and the number of people their email lists go to. This gives you a good idea of what to expect from the demographic you’re aiming at.

Internet Marketing Strategy

You will now need to create a number of different strategies online to increase recognition of your product. At http://desartsuk.com/ we would suggest that  there are a number that should be considered and should work in tangent with each other to make the most of your brand.

  • You will need social media accounts – these should launch interesting material that engages people you are targeting, as well as inform people about your brand and extend its reach.
  • Hire an SEO person to help with link building to your website and create great content that will help you improve your position in the search engine for keywords and searches
  • Collect email lists to send out emails to potential customers who meet your demographic. These can also be purchased from marketing companies
  • Videos can be a fantastic way for creative people to showcase their abilities and YouTube and Vimeo allow you to showcase them to the world. These videos can be shared across social media
  • If you are looking for tools to help you with your Youtube marketing, make sure to check out Lenostube - it is an amazing tool and helped us a lot to grow our Youtube channels.
  • Hire a person to set up a PPC campaign on Google to help improve visibility in search.

Track Campaigns

Tracking campaigns is very important and something that should constantly be examined and altered to improve a campaign with time. The best way to track all of the above marketing efforts is through Google Analytics. This allows you to see how each individual campaign is doing and how successful it is and allows you to make improvements as you continue.


You should launch your campaign and try and include as many facets together and release them as closely together as you can. This helps and allows everything to work in tangent and so have greater effect.

You should continue to then monitor and evaluate your marketing strategy and make tweaks as you go to ensure success.

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