Reduce Your Websites Bounce Rate

Top Five Ways in Which You Can Reduce Bounce Rates and Build Your Online Reputation

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Have you ever been to sites that are poorly designed such that you cannot tell on which page you are? Well, such sites usually occasion a lot of bouncing online traffic. Bounce rates by definition refers to the percentage of single page visits that leave the site. This means that is an online visitor comes to your homepage and leaves immediately, Google would classify that as a bounce rate. It is not necessarily that all bounce rates signal a very poor site; on the contrary it depends with the nature of the site. Take a promotional site for instance where you vista page click a link on it and just leave. Such sites usually have high visitors and high bounce rates as well.

Generally, bounce rates are very lethal to site because they make the site to be seen by Google as a less authoritative site. This means that it will be ranked lower down compared to that of its competitions. This is a definite killer blow to a site whose success depends on the number of online visitors to the site. Example of such sites includes ecommerce stores and click generation sites. Reducing bounce rates on the other hand means that your visitors will stay longer on your site and the likelihood of converting such traffic will also increase. Below are some ten ways through which you can significantly reduce your bounce rates. All of them remember have something to do with the structure and configuration of your site.

Try To Avoid Pop-Ups

Initially created to grab the attention of visitors, pop ups have generally been considered annoying by most visitors. They are a turn off and disrupt the online traffic activities. Online traffic poll results show that most clients would move out of such sites even without looking at what they have to offer. Others say that they would immediately opt for the next best alternative site. To prevent this, keep away from pop-ups completely use other means of getting attention.

Work On Your Site Navigation

Another turnoff that can really hurt your online reputation is with reference to navigation. There are sites that are not clear on where one should click to find more about a product or go to the next page. Such sites are very frustrating to the customer and this mostly results into bounce rates. To help counter this, ensure that your navigation arrows and directives are very clear thereby leaving no doubt as to where the customer should go.

Optimize Your Site Design

There are so many options on the web such that a customer ill not even spend a single minute of a site that’s poorly designed. The entire web design here matters not just the gradients and drop shadows. If for instance a customer sees the same header image whenever he clicks different pages, it can result into him leaving the sires. Color mix ups also can mess up the performance of a site. Ensure that you engage the services of a credible designer and work with a reference site. This will be of much help to you and more directives to the designer. Have the target audience in mind when designing and you will never miss a mark.

The Site Loading Speed

Research shows that an average web user lasts only 4 minutes on a site. This means that they do not have time to wait for a site to load if there is n alternative. If a site takes like 10 seconds to load then that can result into bounce rates. You need to inquire with the company that hosts your site to see if the issue is on their side. Design elements like videos and flash banners can also affect the rate at which a sites loads. Never trade anything for speed as this will not only result into bounce rates but also bad online reputation

Site Responsiveness

The rise in the use of mobiles and other portable gadgets other than the laptop has revolutionized the way in which online traffic access sites. Many users for instance in 2013 accessed websites through their mobile gadgets compared to 2012. This means that there is an increasing appreciation and adoption of mobile usage. Ensure that your site is designed in such a manner that it can be easily accessed via these mobile appliances and they will help fight off and significantly reduce bounce rates.

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