How to build blogging relationships

5 Tips For Building Great Guest Blogging Relationships

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If you need more content on your blog, guest bloggers can be a great resource. Most popular writers come with a built-in audience and posts on their blogs are surely the best way to introduce their audience to your brand. Even less prominent bloggers can inject their own voice, which the audience may find refreshing. On the other side, selecting the wrong writer can result in a post that actually bores or even annoys your audience. That said, guest blogging is about adding value to someone else’s blog by providing a good piece of alluring content. Unfortunately, this has been lost in the recent months as more people abuse guest posting. That said, guest posting is just as much as about building relationships as it is about building quality links.

1. Sharing is caring
By now, you probably have an idea how important it is to share valuable content on social media platforms. It increases readers’ awareness and widens your customer base. Sharing on social media platforms is also considered a modern version of the word-of-mouth advertising. But sharing content can also be an effective way to connect with other writers. As we know, social media marketing is mainly about providing top-notch content. That said, sharing content posted by the most prominent bloggers in your niche can effectively make them aware of your online existence. You can start by retreating some of their Twitter posts, sharing their Facebook links and tagging the bloggers so they actually know you are sharing their content.

2. Create a work opportunity together
No business can run all by itself. You always need at least one person more to create a sustainable business. That said, honest partners with a strong passion towards innovation to create a legacy are rare to find. That’s why another great way to form quality relationships with other bloggers is to pitch innovative ideas and create work opportunities for each other. Simply said, find other bloggers who are passionate just as you are and develop your Guest Post relationship into a real business partnership.

3. Offer original content

When you are trying to build a real, long-lasting relationship with other bloggers, it is important to offer outstanding content. As bloggers don’t want to publish old, boring content to their audience, make sure to come up with something totally original. Even more, you can tweak some of the previous posts and give it a different spin. That said, when you are pitching the post, you can showcase the original post to validate your opinion. Even more, you can take a different stand and maybe argue why the original post isn’t right and what can be done about it. That way you’ll spark new opinions, allure people to take your standpoint and the most important – you’ll gain the prominent blogger’s attention.

4. Create little conversations

Most prominent bloggers and writers will personally email you back. Such is the case with Danny Iny and Rand Fishkin, SEOMoz CEO. You can start with little sparks of conversation that may lead to great success stories later on. As many prominent bloggers take care of their readers, take the effort to connect with these writers by opening them with a small talk. You can send a “thank you” letter, followed by interesting questions and ideas which may intrigue them and even persuade them into giving you a chance for something more later on.

5. Find the watering holes
Social communities are usually the places where people with similar interests congregate and talk to each other. These are Twitter chats, LinkedIn groups and Google+ circles. Within these micro communities you can find out what type of content is discussed and shared. Once you have found a prominent blogger that you feel would be interested in your guest post, it is probably time to get in touch.

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