Make Your Marketing Dollars Count: Three Marketing Tools For Your Sugar Client

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When you first started your company you probably had an ideal customer in mind, but those ideal customers are not always the ones who are spending the most money with your company, and you could be wasting money chasing customers you are not going to reach.  Marketing analytics and a targeted marketing campaign aim your marketing dollars at the customers who are the most likely to spend money with your company and that means greater conversion from potential customer to paying customer.  The SugarCRM client is customizable with the right modules to integrate marketing services into your interface so that you know where to spend marketing money and how your can be more effective with your marketing and advertising budget.  These three tools will help empower your Sugar client to be more effective for all of your marketing needs.

Marketo Connector

There are few marketing tools more powerful than Marketo, and the Marketo Connector module permits the data from Marketo to sync with your Sugar data.  This automated synchronization drastically reduces the amount of time that you and your employees have to spend sifting through customer contact data and requests for more information about your company.  The module also tracks the success of your marketing campaigns, so that if traffic is generated through one avenue, like click ads on Facebook, but not through another avenue, like promo codes in a print magazine, you can shift funds to where they need to go and build up the Facebook marketing.  This knowledge allows you to target specific customers who might be on the fence about your products and helps to convince them to spend money with you.

Wired Marketing

When you have a lot of customer data it can be easy for some of the customers to fall through the cracks and get missed by your marketing campaigns.  This is a huge loss in potential sales, especially when you launch a new product or service that you want to let people know about.  The Wired Marketing module incorporates all of the client or prospect data that you have from Sugar into your marketing campaigns.  The data updates in real time and it seeks to find links between customers that you might have missed on your own.  Armed with the relevant marketing data you can then pursue a more effective campaign aimed at people who have already shown an interest in doing business with you.

Google Analytics

Knowing who visits your site, how they got there, how much time they spent and what they saw is vital to understanding your customers.  If you are blind as to how your site is seen by customers and what their experience is with the site you cannot adequately meet their needs or adjust the site as needed.  The Google Analytics tool is the most powerful tool around to analyze site data and traffic so that you have more data about web visitors.  It will let you know which keywords they searched to find your site and which of your online click ads brought the most customers.  When combined with other marketing tools you will know more about the potential customers that you have and what needs to be done to increase conversion rates.

Sites like Sugaroutfitters can provide a full selection of even more modules for marketing and growing the online presence of your business, but these are some of the most popular.  By enabling you to make better choices about your marketing dollars these tools help to increase overall profitability and the health of your company.

I am Micha Brown and I have been running an online store for five years.  Without the help of online marketing and analytics tools I would still be blindly throwing money at online customers in the hope that some would bite.

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