6 Ways To Improve Your Ad Copy

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6 Ways to Improve Your Ad Copy

If you’ve been spending tons of money on online advertising but are getting poor results, even after conducting thorough keyword research and really narrowing down the audience that you should be targeting, the problem could lie in your ad copy. Creating well performing online ads isn’t easy, writing good copy for the ads being one of the more difficult aspects to master. If you don’t want to hire a professional online copywriter right now, here are a few tips that can help you improve your ad copy and consequently your online ad conversions.

Keep Tweaking Your Headlines

The first part of your ad copy to work on is your headline, which one of the most important parts of your ad. If your headline isn’t any good, your ad is very likely to fail despite having optimized all other aspects of it. To create a great headline you should start by learning from what works for other ads. Find headlines that have been shown to be very effective and figure out what makes them great headlines. Don’t copy a good headline outright, but use the underlying principles of what makes a powerful headline to create your own headlines, which need to be tailored to your audience.

Talk About Benefits Instead of Features

Avoid mentioning features in your headlines, but focus on benefits instead. Don’t talk about the size and resolution of the TV you are selling but about how it will feel like you are actually experiencing the game inside the stadium when you watch a football game on it.

Never Stop Testing

You should be testing and tweaking your ads continually. Keep changing up your headlines and ad copy and track your results. While you may think you have created the most ingenious ad, if the data doesn’t back this up, you need to go back to the drawing board. Sometimes copy that would be considered as bad copy by most copywriters will provide the best results.

Include Persuasive Language

Certain words are more powerful and persuasive than other so try to incorporate some of these words in your ad copy. Some of the most powerful words include:

  • Free

  • You

  • New

  • Instantly

Counter Objections

Try to counter objections that people may have about your offer in your ad copy. When using AdWords ads you obviously won’t have much space to tackle potential objections, but just adding a short money-back guarantee to your copy can already help improve your conversions.

Reevaluate Your Offer and Target Audience

Sometimes it’s not the ad copy that’s causing bad conversions but actually what you are offering that just isn’t appealing to people. If possible, try changing your offer and track to see if you are getting better results. Even the best copywriting in the world won’t be able to sell a bad or useless product or service.

Also consider that you may be pitching your offer to the wrong audience. Are you sure that you have thoroughly researched the market and have identified the demographic most likely to be interested in what you are offering?  

Zane Schwarzlose is an SEO Specialist at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin web design company. Zane actually enjoys writing ad copy.

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