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Zero To Hero On Facebook – 7 Tips To Attract 1000 Likes On Your Facebook Page

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If you have a Facebook page in which you want to promote your product or service, you need a lot of likes in order to make it look credible. Think about it. When you have a Facebook page and it only has less than 10 likes, you will have difficulty gaining the trust of your audience to do business with you. So, you need to attract at least 1000 likes before you can establish yourself as a credible business on Facebook. Here are 7 tips to attract 1000 likes on your Facebook page starting from zero:

1.    Promote Your Page With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the best PPC platform for you to promote your Facebook page. Why? It’s simple. Your page is on Facebook, so it’s better for you to promote it to Facebook users. Besides, you can target your audience easily, which will help you to reach the right people that will have a big interest to your page. Since you will only need people to like your page, you can set the ad budget as low as possible.

2.    Offer Something Valuable In Your Page

Make people want to like your page immediately after they see it. You need to offer something valuable in your page, which will make people want to follow you. Focus on giving your fans good content that they can check from time to time. Remember that the key is continuation. Make sure that your page is active and always updated. Also, you should encourage active discussion on your page in order to make it more appealing for your audience.

3.    Promote Your Page Among Your Facebook Friends

If you don’t want to spend time promoting your page, you can promote your page to your Facebook friends as a start. Once you get some likes and some customers, you can expand your promotion strategy. Encourage your friends to spread the word about your Facebook page as well. Viral promotion is the best way to make your page popular.

4.    Promote Your Page With Offline Advertising

Don’t just promote your Facebook page online. Use some offline marketing strategies to promote it as well. If you’re serious about building a great Facebook page for your business, you should apply some offline strategies that will enhance the popularity of your page. For instance, you can promote your page on local newspapers and magazines. You can also spread brochures and pamphlets to promote your page. Another way to promote your page offline is to create a T-shirt where you print your Facebook page URL and wear it often. The limit is your creativity.

5.    Use Facebook Social Plugin In Your Blog Or Website

Don’t forget about your blog or website visitors. If you want to make your page even more popular, put Facebook Social Plugin in your blog or website in order to show off how popular your page on Facebook. This will encourage others to like your page as well. Also, you can give incentive to your website or blog visitors to like your page by giving free stuff that your readers will like.

6.    Make Your Content Available Only For Fans

There’s a feature on a Facebook page that will allow you to make your content available only for fans. In other words, whenever people want to read your page, they must like your page first. Using a feature called reveal tab, you can make your Facebook page only viewable by fans of your page. If people discover your page and they are not your fans yet, they will not be able to access your page fully. Thus, they have no choice except to like your page in order to have full access to it.

7.    Post High Quality Content On Your Page

Remember that quality is always important. You have to post high quality content on your Facebook page in order to keep people from unliking your page. Here’s one rule of thumb about quality content on the Facebook page: post useful information often. This is what will keep your fans to stick with your page.

Those are 7 tips to attract 1000 likes on your Facebook page, starting from zero. Start building your page now and fill it with valuable content worth sharing. Then, follow the tips above and you’ll have your 1000 fans in less than a month.

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