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Web Design Marketing: 4 Steps To Sell Responsive Design To The Clients

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With the growing rate of mobile presence, it is the need of the hour to design web applications that suit mobile environment. Almost every web design company aims to achieve the support for mobile devices as one of their yearly goals. Some companies underestimate their clients about having mobile presence and get convinced only after seeing the website’s traffic coming from mobile devices. Unless the website is well designed, it is very difficult to drive mobile traffic to the websites. You can solve this problem with responsive design by providing optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Here are some useful tips for selling responsive design to your clients.

Explore the need of mobile presence

By exploring the traffic figures of mobile web applications, you can figure out if it is really worth considering responsive design or not. If the mobile traffic figures are quite low, if the website is able to convert visitors, feature attractive design and excellent user experience, with very less visitor presence, then there is no need for responsive web design for the mobile applications.  Web design company would not financially benefit by undertaking a responsive design approach for mobile websites where the visitor presence may be just 2%. Your company needs to think beyond the traffic figures and any benefits of responsive design when selling this responsive design to your clients.

Solve problems

Problems like outdated visual design of the website which hindered smooth marketing and lack of strong content management system to enable the users to update the websites on their own are very critical. Your web design company can resolve this by redesigning the website in lieu with the website marketing, along with improving the website aesthetics and usability of the website. Your web design company can solve the second problem by redesigning the website standards and integrating with an efficient content management system. Make sure you have an agreement signed with your clients.

Focus beyond the phones

Responsive design mainly covers designing of web applications for mobile presence. The goal is to create a single website for both mobile and computer users and demonstrate the power and flexibility of responsive design. Luckily, company like Vivo Group focuses on more than phones. Your web design company should focus on effectively presenting the layout for computers of various monitor size and resolution instead of just focusing on just the smart phones. For clients who are not willing to invest on redesigning for phones, this kind of responsive design strategy can solve their redesign issues and promote better sales.

Build for the future

Responsive design does not restrict the website view to a screen size; rather it reflows to fit any sized screen in a future friendly manner. Regardless of any new device screens are pushed to the market, responsive design takes care of displaying the web-pages and content without having to redesign the entire application. In case there are any mobile visitors in future, responsive design takes care of providing optimized experience to mobile users. Make sure your potential clients are well aware of this fact when you are marketing the responsive design.

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Selling a responsive design is very much similar to solving any problem. A web design company in Brisbane could help me in deciding if I need to go for a responsive redesign or not and has been constantly guiding me to build a future centric web design. 

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