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Why Users on Facebook Matter So Much

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In Q3 of 2013 alone, there were more than 1.26 billion users registered on Facebook, making it the largest online social networking community to date. With the number of users on Facebook increasing rapidly each month, it is no surprise that marketers and those in advertising are using the platform as a method of reaching potential online customers and followers for brands in all industries. Users on Facebook matter to marketers for a number of reasons that can help any type of business or brand expand to the next level of success.

Why Marketers Target Facebook Users?

With the use of the Facebook advertising platform, it has never been easier to reach a specific audience or intended demographic, whether you want to promote a product, service you provide or a brand that you are sharing altogether. According to recent statistics, Facebook users browsed the site more than 20 billion collective minutes daily. In June 2013, this equaled about 8.3 monthly hours spent on Facebook for the month of June alone.

Using Facebook to reach and captivate an audience is ideal as the advertising system available gives you the opportunity to reach users with specific interests, political beliefs and even individuals who earn specific salary ranges, which is why Facebook is the ultimate platform for sharing brands and building businesses online.

More than 150 billion friend connections were made worldwide on Facebook as of February 2013, connection individuals from just about any country on the planet. The average user “likes” 40 pages as of August 2013, which is another ideal incentive for those looking to promote their brands to integrate Facebook marketing into their own business strategies.

Additionally, sharing information and content published on Facebook is one of the biggest factors in attracting advertisers and marketers globally. As of September 2013, more than 4.75 billion items are shared each day between friends, family members and co-workers on Facebook.

Facebook not only provides the ability to market to just about any group or demographic online, but it also gives those in charge of marketing access to in-depth statistics to truly understand which campaigns on Facebook are working best for the brand you are trying to grow.

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