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SEO Expert Advice: Six Ways to Use Video to Increase Traffic & Rankings

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A very powerful tool that an SEO expert will use to help skyrocket your rankings and to increase traffic and brand awareness is via video. YouTube is the most popular video file sharing site in the world, and one of the most popular sites in the world, period. According to a YouTube Press Release, more than 1 billion unique visitors come to this site every month, accounting for more than 6 billion hours of viewed footage monthly. Every minute, 100 hours of video are added to this website, uploaded by millions of people from more than 30 different countries around the world. Google loves being fed videos as part of your marketing strategy. Find out how an SEO consultant uses them to drive more traffic your direction.


Create Informative, Short & Engaging Videos

Most people have an attention span of about one or two minutes online. Therefore, videos should be short, engaging, entertaining, informative and direct. An SEO expert knows this and will create videos using just this formula.


Rely Upon Google Favored Products for Sharing

As opposed to using other video file sharing services, YouTube is generally favored. That’s because it’s a Google product and correlates with other popular Google products such as Google Plus, Blogger and Google News. Generally speaking, a video stands to add more clout when posted to YouTube over other sites.


Create Unique Content for Each Video

An expert will also mold about 200 to 300 words of quality content for the video posting. This will also include links back to the website that’s being marketed. Content should read professionally and include proper titles, tags and descriptions for the best results, as well as the appropriate category settings.


Create Social Bookmarks to Your Videos

Videos are a form of social media, but they easily intertwine with many other forms of social media. For example, videos need to be shared via your other social media channels to really gain traction. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, Reddit and others are fabulous social bookmarking tools that can enable an expert to spread the word about your new video.


Post Your Videos to Your Website

After an expert has taken the time to complete all of the above processes, it’s time to also share the videos on your actual website. Experts will generally not set the video to auto-play because this will not count as actual views on YouTube when visitors view the video on your site. An expert will also ensure that unique content is used to describe the video your site, different from any other content that they have already used regarding said video, to help increase ranking.


Regulating Comments and Responses

Many times an expert will choose to close comments on videos that they upload. This is because while many comments will be positive, there are those inherent naysayers that can really troll a comment stream. Open comment streams will be regulated and monitored to ensure that negative or detrimental as well as spam comments are removed when appropriate. This helps maintain and preserve your reputation online in a positive manner.

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