Give Instant Rewards on your Facebook Timeline

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Give Instant Rewards on your Facebook Timeline

How would it be if you could reward your fan for simply interacting with your Fan Page? Sounds interesting? Read on. Your fans would go crazy if they knew that the 100th Fan of your page would receive a gift. Or they would fall in love with your brand if you gave away discounts for every Like or Comment. It’s simple, give instant gratification to your customer, and they will follow you for more.

There are a variety of Facebook Apps available in the market like an app to run a Photo Contest on Facebook. Facebook Sweepstakes and more. However, there aren’t any that would allow you to reward your fan for interacting with your Facebook Page. Your Fan’s time is valuable. He is making the effort to ‘Like’ your status update, or comment on it. Now is the time to return the favour. You can now reward your fans on basic interactions with your post.

We’ve come across a Facebook app that allows you to give Instant Rewards like discounts, coupons, products or services for simply Liking your post, commenting on it, Liking your Fan Page and more. This app is free to install, easy to set-up and configure.

As an admin, all you have to do is:

  • 1. Select the interaction for which he wants to giveaway the offer.
  • For example:
    - Give a Coupon or Voucher to every Fan who comments on your Post
    - Send a Coupon or Voucher to a Fan at Random
    - Send a Coupon or Voucher To Every Fan Who Likes Your Post

  • 2. Buy the coupons.
  • 3. Select the post on which the offer holds.
  • And you’re all set.

    The Facebook app has an in-built sign-up form, that you can connect to an email marketing system – Apps Mailer. Apps Mailer will help you maintain lists of participants. It will also come in handy to do long-term marketing or promotion activities.

    The Instant Reward Facebook App can be displayed in any language. Admin can select and configure one or more languages to display the app in to its Fans.

    The most valued benefit of Instant Reward Facebook app is that it bridges the gap between social media and offline stores. For eg: A coffee-shop can give away a free coffee coupon to everyone who likes the post. The coupon can be redeemed at the closest brand’s coffee-shop outlet. Thus, giving a reason to the fan to visit the coffee-shop and try out the product, also increasing the chances of sale and ensuring that the customer returns to the Facebook page to look out for more such offers.

    Instant Reward Facebook app seeks to merge the online and offline world by enabling media to be social in real life.

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