Why Should Businesses Consider Switching To Cloud Computing?

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Cloud computing is the future that’s already here. Over the past few years, standard web hosting has had to move aside for the cloud. Businesses have increasingly decided to invest in cloud computing. It’s also carried over to personal use, as well.

There’s no doubting cloud hosting will soon become the future. It’s more efficient, more secure, and you get all these benefits at a lower price.

Access on the Go

If you wanted to access your files at a conference or from home, you’d need to carry around a memory stick or external hard-drive. This is cumbersome and we all remember a situation where we’ve forgotten to bring it with us.

Cloud computing eliminates the hassle by allowing you to access your files on the go. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can login to an account and download the required files directly from the cloud. And it doesn’t matter what device you’re on.

This increases efficiency and means you’ll never be without work material.

Better Security

Cloud hosting providers will always have tough security measures. With Internet privacy being spotlighted recently, people are more wary than before. This is even truer for businesses, who have a lot to lose if they’re attacked by a hacker.

Cloud computing places your files online in the cloud. Effectively, it makes your files harder to access. Standard hosting means your files exist on a single tower block server. The hacker knows where your files are, so all they have to do is access them.

Failsafe Mechanisms

Businesses can’t afford to lose their files or suffer downtime on their websites. A good failsafe mechanism will ensure your business doesn’t lose customers. Cloud hosting offers a failsafe mechanism through its very nature.

Your data is stored in multiple data centers around the world. Most standard web hosting packages will have your data stored on a server in a single center. If a natural disaster occurs and knocks this data center out of commission, there’s nothing you can do about it.

With the cloud, your data will always be found at multiple data centers. If one data center has to shutdown, it doesn’t matter. You’ll still be able to access your files, so there are no interruptions.


Virtual real estate is much cheaper than physical real estate. This is the simple reason why cloud computing is so cheap. There are other contributing factors to it, though, and these are:

  1. Simple supply and demand. There’s an almost unlimited supply of space, and this well outstrips demand.
  2. It reduces the amount of physical hardware involved in the process.
  3. A single server can hold more data, and can therefore be rented out to more customers.

Making the Switch

Making the switch is relatively simple and requires no prior coding experience. Major web hosting companies have invested in simple switching systems to encourage customers to switch. In most cases, the web hosting company will switch you over automatically in a matter of a few minutes.

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