Benefits of Blogging – Beginners Guide

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The internet has come a long way, and now a days it’s hard to live without internet. I’ve always liked the fact of having information at my fingertips. Millions and millions of websites all filled with information, some for businesses some personal so, I spoke to these business owners, website owners, and start ups and I was really surprised, it seems that no one really has the knowledge of blogging or what blogging is. They weren’t applying it and not using their website to its full capabilities.

What Is a Blog?

A blog is the shortened term from “weblog” or “web log” and is a personal journal , or a publication of your thoughts on the web for anyone to see. A blog is chronologically updated based on the content you write, how you want to express yourself or even educate others on what you are knowledgable of.

An article written on a blog or your publication is called a “Blog Post”, and the process of writing posts and maintaining the blog, or writing posts on other blogs is called “Blogging”. If you are writing these articles you then become a “Blogger”, and now a days there are many bloggers as well as blogs of all types and industries.

How Blogging Benefits Your Business

Websites were initially created to share information to people on the internet, to make it easier to find the information and also to educate, whether its regarding a service, product or just general knowledge. Websites have become a sales person, a customer service rep, your marketer, and the image of your company online.

The benefits of blogging and why you should blog are as follow:

Search Engine Visibility & Marketing: Every blog post you write is a new page added to your website, which means a new page added to a search engine and that gives you more exposure. Wouldn’t you rather having 100 pages with content rather than just 10? That means more opportunities to rank on a search engine, more visibility and brand recognition.

Reach New Audiences: Each post has the potential to be found on a search engine depending on the optimization of it and the topic. A statistic showed that aged blog posts are what generate the most traffic compared to newly generated posts. Don’t forget social media, the more attractive and compelling your content is the better chance it will have to be shared across Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Increasing your audience and visitors to the blog.

Immediate Feedback, Communication & Engagement: Once your post is published, your readers have the ability to comment on it, giving you feedback, or even complementing your writing. You can keep your readers engaged with new content, replying to them with answers to their questions, in other words a blog helps you build an Audience.

Becoming an Expert: Anyone can start a blog but not everyone can be an expert in their field. Over time, with the content and articles you write as well as the audience engagement you will become an expert, visitors will see your insights and knowledge. You can become an expert in your industry, and because of that opportunities will open up, consulting, a speaker for a conference and even career offers.

Enhance your writing skills: I never was the best writer, but over time and all the blog posts I’ve written it has helped, and the same would go to any blogger. Just like the saying goes “Practice Makes Perfect”, the more you write the better the article will come out. As for businesses and companies having good articles to promote and educate the consumer and visitors is definitely a plus and is always recommended.

Lead Generation: As new as Hyper Local Blogger is, and yet has no content I’ve already received two site audit request from the form. Blogging will help you increase your lead generation, depending on the industry you are in and what you can offer, the more experience you have and the more posts are written your audience will trust you and would want to work with you.

Advertisement: Monetizing the blog, this is usually a whole separate topic but once you have built an audience and increased your search engine visibility your hard work can finally give back to you. There are many ways to monetize a blog but one of the ways are advertisements, companies can start contacting you with offers, or even as simple as using Google Adsense.

To sum it all up, blogging is great ! You do not have to be an experienced webmaster, or a professional anyone can start a blog and anyone can write. There are huge opportunities just from blogging and if you haven’t started then YOU SHOULD !

This article is really just a general overview on how blogging benefits you, I’ll be writing more articles that get into more detail with tips and how-to’s on subjects like how to build a blog, or how to optimize my blog posts. Feel free to get in touch with me regarding any questions you may have.

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