Tips on How to Avoid Blacklisting Your Website

How To Avoid Getting Your Website Blacklisted By Search Engines – Beginners Guide

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Everybody having a web site wants to have a greater optimization and greater ranking. Along with that you also want the visitors to be pouring all the time so that you would fulfill the basic purpose of your website. However, some key or significant mistakes that can be made unknowingly put your website in a block hole of all the websites where the entire unwanted website is thrown.

We all know that we want to have our website on the front search page but some of the shortcuts that promise you the better optimization can actually lead you in a lot of trouble, which can result in blocking of your website by Google. As Google changes its policy for the better spam free and secure browsing, thus the tactics to keep on the top also change. Here, I would tell you about the six basic and simple shortcuts by which you can avoid to make your website land in the black list.

Spam or porn websites posting your links:

There are many ways you can advertise your website but you should beware of the spam and porn websites that link your website to their wall, or making your website’s name come under your name. Google takes spammers and porn sites very seriously and often blocks these kinds of links. So, if the spam or porn site is being linked to your website, there are chances that your website would be blocked as well. You cannot control everything but you should make sure that what kind of the things you are posting and who are you handing your advertisement.

Paid text links on your web page:

Having paid text links is another key problem that might cause you to end up in the block list. Here is the key as Google allows you to link with the other sites thus that is totally fine with Google, but if you choose to have the paid content through Google itself, then it will not fit into the rule of Google and hence your website will be blocked.

Hiding or fooling from search engines:

You should never hide anything from your web site. This might happen when you show something to appear on Google but in reality that is not present. The visitor might visit your website in search of a product but it will end up in the broken links or no authority links. This would definitely get you down the block list.

Using a lot of keywords:

The stuffing of keywords in your web pages might not look pleasing for the visitor but it will also put a bad name to your webpage. Google strictly looks for the websites that have all the stuffed keywords but no actual work. So, having that kind of website might land you in a black list.

Editing contents automatically:

If you are using bots or automatic editing software’s for your website then it might again put you in jeopardy by putting the name of your website in the blacklist. As it is hated mostly by the Google, you simply have to do on your own.

Copying content of others:

As I told you that your content should be of great quality and should be original as well. Thus, you should never be copying or pasting somebody else’s work by your own name to avoid block listing.

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