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6 Strategic Phases That Every Web Development Company Needs To Follow

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No company can think of making great business without having a superior quality website. End to end development phase involves close collaboration between the Business analysts who collect the requirements, web designers who weave the framework and the web developers who design the front end and back end of the website. When a user visits a website, it should not only look pleasant but also have a great user experience with rich content that invites the users to keep revisiting the website. Below 6 web development phases should be strictly followed by a company if you are planning to hire their services. 

 Information Gathering

Brainstorming the features, work flows, time available for development and delivery and many other information have to be collected from the customers for whom you are developing the website. Make sure that web development company like Vivo Group employs highly efficient Business Analysts to gather all the necessary requirements from the customers before the planning phase starts.


During the planning phase a good web development company will decide on what tools and technologies should be used, identify the deliverables, finalize the resource mapping, decide upon a deadline for the project completion and means of tracking project progress. Your web development company should have a strong plan and a backup plan if that fails.


Design phase involves database, front end and backend designing of your website. It is essential to keep the target users in mind while designing a website. Without a strong design it is difficult to build a great website. Hence, design phase needs a strong collaboration between the team members to ensure that the final website matches the requirements. Every good web development company follows the 3 design stages – designing the wireframes, site map and page flow in order to build a great blueprint.


Coding stage follows next. Make sure your partner web development company has excellent coders who can write code for every simple or complicated scenario the end user may come across. The web developers or the content editors should be able to discuss the content that should be hosted on the website after the development is complete.

 Testing and delivery

Testing ensures that the website developed meets the customer requirements. Once the site is thoroughly tested and bugs are fixed, the website is ready to be delivered after the final approval. Your web development company should constantly update you on the product quality status and involve you in alpha and beta testing phases. Once it is validated by their quality engineers and you, the website is ready to be deployed for use.


Any website will need a regular maintenance after it is deployed. Hence your web development partner should be able to provide you excellent maintenance services even after the project is delivered.  Often this phase is overlooked, and its importance is underestimated.  Your company, employees, and customers will continue to grow and change.  Your website should grow and change right along with you.  Keeping your website efficient, interesting, and user-friendly is what encourages new visitors and repeat users alike.  

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