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How to Kill Whiteflies. The name “whitefly” is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, this insect is white but there is no “fly” in the family tree. Genetically, whiteflies are much closer to sap-sucking aphids and they bear a striking resemblance to very small moths. If you have a large infestation and you disturb the whiteflies, they’ll fly away and create a miniature snow storm of white flecks. How to Kill Whiteflies: Organic Control Tips Wilting leaves in your garden may be a sign of whitefly damage. Learn how to implement controls such as yellow sticky traps, reflective mulch, and. brinjal plants in relation to whitefly infestation, 2 assess the effect of early infestation of on young plants seedlings on whitefly population infesting brinjal plants and 3 eva-luate the plant resilience at different phenological stage time to whitefly infestation. BRINJAL:: MINOR PESTS:: WHITEFLY. Whitefly: Bemisia tabaci, Aleurodicus disperses Aleyrodidae:Hemiptera.

Many kinds of soil in Malaysia are suitable for brinjal cultivation and easily for them to grow Lee, 1979. Brinjal can be adapted to high rainfall and high temperature. Besides that, under hot-wet environment, it is able to produce high yields Hanson et al., 2006. In Malaysia, the demand of brinjal are changed depends on time and supply. Brinjal whitefly- Mechanism of resistance.pdf. R P Soundararajan. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. Brinjal whitefly- Mechanism of resistance.pdf. Download. Brinjal whitefly- Mechanism of resistance.pdf. R P Soundararajan. Loading Preview READ PAPER.

whitefly Bemisia tabaci in brinjal. Profenophos 50 EC @ 1000 ml/ha was found superior against whitefly with the lowest whitefly population 3.95/plant. Key words: Field evaluation, Insecticides, Sucking insect pest, Brinjal whitefly Material and Methods The. The populations of whitefly were aggregated Taylor’s Power Law Calculate in first and second cropping of brinjal plants. It may be concluded that the total number of whitefly larvae were found to be most abundant in the middle stratum of the brinjal plants. Keywords: Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci, Population ecology, Population dynamics 1. Devappa 2006, wherein emamectin benzoate at 10 g a.i. ha-1 was found to be effective in reducing the dead hearts and fruit damage in brinjal. Nevertheless, the dose of emamectin benzoate used by these workers was higher than 6.25 g a.i. ha-1 which showed better control in this study.

Whitefly populations are not consistent from year to year, so monitoring is important in detecting and preventing the development of populations in any given year. In addition, an integrated pest management program for whiteflies includes following good cultural practices, such as host-free periods, and using pesticides only when necessary. Whitefly infestations can also slow plant growth and cause stunting and defoliation. In pepper and eggplant, B. tabaci, and B. argentifolii are important vectors of geminiviruses, such as Pepper golden mosaic virus, Sinaloa tomato leaf curl virus, Pepper hausteco yellow vein virus, Tomato yellow mosaic virus and other geminiviruses, found worldwide.

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